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Advanced Financial Federal Credit Union is a member-owned, not-for-profit financial institution. We are dedicated to providing quality financial products & services delivered in a professional, courteous and timely manner


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Loan Calculator
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Savings Rates
Current Rates on Savings, Holiday and Vacation accounts

 Type  Rates
0.20% ; 0.20 % APY*;
0.20% ; 0.20 % APY*;
0.20% ; 0.20 % APY*;

CD Certificates
Current Rates on Certificates of Deposit. $500 Minimum opening balance; $500 Minimum balance to earn dividends. Rates and yields are subject to change. Please refer to the certificate account disclosure for early withdrawal peanalties.

 Type  Rates
CD 6-11mo
0.40% ; 0.40 % APY*;
CD 12-23mo
0.60% ; 0.60 % APY*;
CD 24-35 mo
0.75% ; 0.75 % APY*;
CD 3yr +
0.75% ; 0.75 % APY*;

IRA Accounts
Current Rates on Invididual Retirement Accounts

 Type  Rates
IRA Roth/Traditional CD 12-60mo
RATE 0.60% APY 0.60%
IRA Savings
RATE 0.20% APY 0.20%

Loan Rates
Current Rates on Auro, RV, Boat, Personal Loans

 Type  Rates
New and Used Auto, Motorcycle, Boat or RV.
Up to 36 months - As low as 3.00% APR
Up to 72 months - As Low as 4.50% APR
As low as 3.00% APR
*APR = Annual Percentage Rate
RCP Line of Credit
13.90% APR
Personal Loan
As low as 9.90%
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Secured Loan Rates
Current Rates on Secured Loans

 Type  Rates
Secured Loan
2.50% above current savings
Certificate Secured Loan
2.00% above current certificate's Dividend Rate

Home Equity
Current Home Equity Loan Rates. No Points! No Fees! Transfer balances from other Credit Unions or Banks to a new Advanced Financial FCU Home Equity Loan.

 Type  Rates
5 yr Fixed - 75% LTV
3.75% APR
5 yr Fixed - 100% LTV
6.50% APR
7 yr Fixed - 75% LTV
4.75% APR
7 yr Fixed - 100% LTV
6.75% APR
10 yr Fixed - 75% LTV
5.00% APR
10 yr Fixed - 100% LTV
7.00% APR
15 Yr Fixed - 100% LTV
7.25% APR
15 yr Fixed - 75% LTV
5.25% APR
15 Yr Adjustable - 75% LTV
Prime + 0% (floor rate is 5.00%)
15 Yr Adjustable - 100% LTV
Prime + 2% (floor rate is 7.00%)

Credit Card Rates
Current Rates on Credit Cards

 Type  Rates
VISA Platinum
9.90% APR
VISA Classic
13.90% APR

Rates as of: 11/19/2014
Rates are subject to change without notice.

An opening deposit of $5.00 is required for all accounts.  *APY = Annual Percentage Yield.

Interest rate changes are based upon changes in the "index" which is the prime lending rate as set forth in the Wall Street Journal on the last business day of December and the last business day of June, to which will be added 0 percentage points for 75% financing; and 2.00 percentage points for 100% financing. This Line of Credit has a floor limit of 7.50%. This is an offer available to qualified members whose primary residence is owned and occupied in the state of New Jersey and is subject to change or withdrawal at any time and without prior notice. An actual Home Equity application must be completed prior to consideration of this loan.




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